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Electrical Appliances Refrigeration Home Appliances 6L Car Refrigerator DC12V Small Refrigerator Cold Storage and Freshness


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  • Brand Name: HMTX
  • Width: ≤ 60 cm
  • Capacity: <60L
  • Power (W): 45W
  • Voltage (V): 12V
  • Height: ≤ 89 cm
  • Number Of Doors: Single Door
  • Energy Consumption Grade: None
  • Style: Cold Storage Refrigerator
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Freezer Capacity: <60L
  • Condition: New
  • Certification: NONE
  • Capacity: 6L

Electrical Appliances Refrigeration Home Appliances 6L Car Refrigerator DC12V Small Refrigerator Cold Storage and Freshness
Rated voltage: DC12V
Power: 45W
Capacity: 6 liters
Material: engineering plastic + metal
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Refrigeration: the best refrigeration temperature is 5°
Heating: between 50-65℃
Dimensions: 320*175*270mm
Internal size: 210*150*195mm
Net weight: 2.36KG
Gross weight: 2.7KG
Refrigeration principle: semiconductor refrigeration
Cooling chip: 30*30MM cooling chip

1. The refrigerating area of the car refrigerator: the material of the internal refrigerating area of the refrigerator is metal, and the temperature inside is reduced by the principle of semiconductor refrigeration.
2. The refrigerator uses semiconductors instead of compressors and refrigerants. It has no pollution, low noise, light weight, easy to carry, long service life, and low energy consumption.
3. The refrigerator has two functions: cooling and heating: in terms of cooling, it is generally low
The ambient temperature is 15 ~ 20°C, and its heating temperature can be as high as 65C
4. This model is suitable for a variety of cars. It can be placed on the front and rear seats as armrests. Drinks are needed.
It can be used anytime, outdoor can be used as a dining table to put drinks, with strap design
It’s more convenient to carry, save space and super convenient, can put 6 bottles of mineral water, Shangxin
-Style design is the most convenient to put drinks when going out and play, and there is a portable strap design, which can
It’s easy to carry on your back.
5. 6L small refrigerator: car/household, convenient and fashionable


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